We started this journey with one thing in mind – to make cryptocurrency capital go further and push the human race forward. From humble beginnings, our team believes Elonaid has the potential to be one of the largest community-driven cryptocurrency projects that will create wealth for investors and create value for society.

We will do whatever it takes to make this project a success. We owe it to our investors, our supporters, and the people we help along the way. As Steve Jobs says, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Why the name Elonaid?

Token names get more creative by the day but we decided to keep ours simple.
Aid representing our aspirations to contribute to the community.

Our supporters have noticed Elonaid sounds like lemonade. With respect to recent market lows, we wish to remind investors to stay calm and optimistic. After all, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Community Values

This is a project we truly believe in and 100% back. We’re excited to witness its long-lasting success and to bring you along this journey.

Trust in cryptocurrency has been eroding in recent times. Transparency is our top priority and we’re confident we will keep the trust we earn.

Our North Star keeps us grounded in our purpose to make a large-scale impactful contribution to society. The charities we support span all sectors, from education, disease, environment, animal welfare to underserved communities.

Elonaid Ecosystem

Audited by CERTIK
The Elonaid token contract has been audited by the renowned and most recognised blockchain auditing institution, CERTIK, to validate the code is fair, secure and behaves as intended under every circumstance. They use cutting edge technologies and techniques to prove trustworthiness in the underlying system. Throughout our lifecycle from initial development to live usage, Elonaid token contract maintains a high level of security and correctness, adhering to the standards of security and trustworthiness in the blockchain.

Full decentralization
Elonaid is a 100% decentralized community project supported by a team of passionate volunteers who leverage their skills in engineering, marketing, and design to build the token. It’s the people who give a project purpose. There was no token allocation nor presale to ensure the launch was fair for the entire community. That means it will never be too late to invest in the token and join the Elonaid family.

Continual Liquidity
Investors can swap BNB tokens for Elonaid tokens using Pancakeswap, a decentralized application for swapping tokens based on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20 tokens). The slippage will usually range from 8 to 12%. In the future, investors will be able to purchase Elonaid tokens from Tier 2 exchanges (e.g. Gato IO, MXC).

Trading is also continuously enabled through a healthy supply of Elonaid tokens in the liquidity pool. Every time the token is bought or sold, 5% of the transaction automatically gets contributed to the liquidity pool. This is a key enabler for price appreciation.

Fast, secure, low fee network
Leveraging the Binance Smart Chain blockchain allows our investors to trade Elonaid securely and quickly with fewer transaction fees relative to tokens built on the Ethereum network. We’re committed to building an all-inclusive community where no trade is too small to participate.

Automatic rewards reaping
Whenever Elonaid is bought or sold, 5% of the transaction value is automatically distributed to the wallets of all existing Elonaid holders. Each investor receives Elonaid tokens proportional to how many Elonaid tokens they currently own. The more Elonaid tokens they have, the more tokens they are rewarded. The beauty of auto-farming rewards is our investors can watch their wallets climb the moment they start hodling.

Deflationary tokenomics
The maximum supply of Elonaid tokens is 100 trillion. Not only will no new tokens be minted, but 50% of the supply is burned at launch leaving only 50 trillion tokens in circulation and locked in liquidity. As we’ve learned from economic principles, reduced supply drives price appreciation. Tokens in the multi-purpose wallet will be periodically burned as an essential lever to pull up the price. This burn strategy creates a rewarding ecosystem for investors engaged with the project for the long term. The burn rate will be communicated on our website to enable transparency and clarity on the current circulating supply of Elonaid.

Optimized capital
While other tokens fix the rate at which tokens are burned, minted, or allocated to the team, we maximize the utility of the funding by operating in the best interests of the project. Having a multi-purpose wallet means our project is more likely to succeed through better flexibility and agility. In our first phase, our core focus will be on marketing to build awareness and attract new investors. Our second phase will involve making impactful contributions to global charitable causes. At certain points, we will manually burn a portion of the tokens in the wallet to drive price appreciation. These strategies make us agile and easily adapt to market conditions. We maintain that no tokens will be allocated to the team nor will they sit idle in the multi-purpose wallet.

Defense from whales
Few projects have guardrails in place to prevent whales from manipulating the token price. Elonaid is one of a handful of projects that places limits on transactions where large transactions are not allowed in a single trade. No single buy or sell trade can exceed 100 billion tokens. This protects the token from price volatility and enables healthy and sustainable growth into the future.